The monolit alpha concrete loudspeakers are designed to fit into any environment. They are space saving and discreed eyecatchers. You get superb sound quality from these high-end shelf-top concrete speakers. The units suit equally well as satellites in a straightforward stereo system or for use in a multichannel set-up. In smaller rooms, like a study, they are your best friend as they are. In bigger rooms they prefere playing together with their bigger brothers and sisters from the sigma series.

The alpha 1.1 is the super high-end model with the best components available. Many details make it the first choice for design and sound lovers.

The alpha 1.2 is a little bit simpler and a real allround talent.

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alpha_schwarz_5_front_frei.jpg alpha_rueck.jpg alpha_r.jpg alpha_polplatte_1.jpg alpha_MHT12.jpg alpha_front.jpg 2alpha_2_banner.png 2alpha_2_banner.png a1_2_front.png a1_2_logo_banner.png a1_2_XHM71_strandweiss.png a1_2_steinweiss_rueck.png a1_2_front_steinweiss.png a1_2_vo_steinweiss.png a1_2_paar_steinweiss.png a1_2_front_strandweiss.png a1_2_paar_strandweiss.png a1_2_paar.png a1_2_XHM71_steinweiss.png

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