color samples of concrete plates


Your hand made loudspeaker may also be delivered in the colour that you desire for an additional charge.


Fine cut and polish

Betonfläche mit 5 % Schwarz Betonfläche mit 2 % Schwarz Betonfläche mit 1,5 % Schwarz Betonfläche mit 2 % Rot Betonfläche mit 2 % Grün polished concrete surface wenig geschliffene Betonfläche Betonfläche mit 2 % Gelb Betonfläche mit 2 % Braun Betonfläche mit 2 % Blau



If you choose a pigmented casing for your speaker, a fine cut and polish is recommended. All monolit concrete speakers are ground until the appearance of the terazzo is perfected. For pigmented speakers, the colour depth can be enhanced through high-gloss polish. Finely ground and polished casings appear “stone-like” while regularly ground casings are pastel-coloured in appearance. Uncoloured concrete will appear “concrete-like”.