Concrete – the ultimate material

With its cool yet lively surface, weight and sturdiness, concrete is timeless and beautiful. Concrete also possesses an important function: it is hard on the one hand and counteracts the natural oscillations of the casing and it also has a special crystal structure that enhances the internal damping of the material.

Superior sound quality

The sound of a loudspeaker is largely determined by its installed chassis and electronic crossover elements. We consistently use only top-notch technology in our loudspeakers, which results in superior sound quality when installed in our concrete casings. monolit-loudspeakers measure up to the highest acoustic and esthetic standards.

Hand-crafted in a timeless design

The enclosures are characterized by clean lines and simple beauty. The design is timeless and can be delivered in several shades of colour.
We are committed to using the best craftsmanship and pay attention to detail. The loudspeakers are exclusively assembled in Sweden in limited quantities. Only carefully selected components find their way into monolit-loudspeakers.